Guide to clean your Bicycle


Easy and  totally doable key to making your bike clean .

What You Need

You’ll need these everyday, household items to clean your bike:
1.Old cotton T-shirts
2.Scrub Brushes
3.Tooth Brushes
6.Hose with trigger-style spray head
Key Points

1: Chain
“Apply a degreaser leave 5 to 10 minutes.” Rinse with a gentle stream of water from the hose. If the chain is still grimy, apply small drops of dish soap like you would a lube, grip the chain in the rough side of your sponge, then turn the cranks for several rotations.

2: Drivetrain
Dip a brush into one of your prefilled buckets and scrub the chainrings. “Use a  toothbrush to get into crevices around the teeth, pulleys, and rings .

3: Frame
Dip a clean, soft sponge into your bucket. Soap up the frame,  If you have caliper brakes, clean the pads with the abrasive side of the sponge.
 4: Wheels
Dip your brush into the bucket . Starting at the valve, scrub all the way around the wheel, hit the spokes and hub, then flip the wheel to get the opposite side. Repeat on the other wheel.

The Finish

Reattach the wheels and spin the cranks to make sure the drivetrain runs smoothly. Wipe everything down with a dry cloth or let it air-dry in the sun ,  Lube your Chain .


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